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'A Sample After-fracture Measurement Jig' and 'Vibration Attenuation Three-Ring Gear Reducer' Achieve Utility Model Patent.
Release time:2014-09-18   Hits:5762  
In recent times, Fangyuan Company achieved utility model patents awarded by State Intellectual Property Office for "A Sample After-fracture Measurement Jig' and 'Vibration Attenuation Three-Ring Gear Reducer", the patent number is ZL 2013 2 0841050.3 and ZL 2014 2 0067846.2.
"A Sample After-fracture Measurement Jig" is gained by a research and development group composed of Wang Puzhi, Xu Xu, Yu Wei, etc. in the tensile testing at ambient temperature. The structure of this patent is simple, which could joint after-fracture samples with different cross-section shapes. In one-man operation, it could measure some important technical parameters accurately and quickly, like after- fracture original range, after-fracture minimum cross section size, the calculation of minimum cross section area for specimens after tensile, etc., which could improve repeatability error of measurement and increase the working efficiency.
"Vibration Attenuation Three-Ring Gear Reducer" is designed and developed by Li Zhong, which could reduce the vibration of Three-Ring Gear Reducer, extend service life and decrease the failure frequency of pile machine.
Our company has obtained 54 patents so far in which 10 are for invention and 44 are for utility model. Besides, another 9 patents are in processing.