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Release time:2014-09-18   Hits:1468  
With the increasing level of human awareness about slewing ring, its market keeps growing and the demand rising. However, some high-end fields and foreign customers express more and more serious demand to the precision of slewing rings. Nowadays, the slewing rings might not reflect the real-time working conditions during the usage, like wear, deformation, pitting, lubrication, etc. Therefore, the improvement of slewing ring should follow the market trend of intelligent development. Fangyuan Company has developed a project named "The Research and Development of Intelligent Slewing Ring" with the platform of provincial post-doctoral research center. The intelligent slewing ring will monitor the operating state of slewing ring effectively and estimate the service life, which is of great significance and high demand.
According to the current market, intelligent could be widely used in many fields, like engineering machinery, precision instruments, military equipments, intelligent industrial automation production line, new energy equipments, etc.
Our "The Research and Development of Intelligent Slewing Ring" project has entered into the first stage, which is the intelligent slewing ring with temperature and vibration condition monitoring functions. This stage applies artificial intelligence technology to make slewing ring have automatic running state identification ability. Its identification results could guide the maintenance.