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Our First Doctor Join the Post-Doctoral Research Center of Fangyuan Company
Release time:2014-09-18   Hits:3173  

In 30th July 2014, the provincial post-doctoral research center (Innovative practice base) of Fangyuan Slewing Ring Co., Ltd had entered into official operation stage. Our company and Southeast University hire Doctor Zhang Jin jointly. The vice general manager Sun Yuejiang and Professor Zhang Jianrun from school of mechanical engineering of Southest University work together for the joint supervision of post doctor.
Fangyuan Slewing Ring has been developing the university-industry cooperation for slewing ring and its equipments joint with Southeast University and Nanjing University of Technology, which would promote the transformation and upgrading of manufacturing enterprises. "Made with Wisdom" would come true.    

As the first post doctor of our research center, the joining of Doctor Zhang Jin would promote the development and research of the intelligent slewing ring. In addition, some development challenges could be handled, like sensors embedded structure, intelligent sensor, distribute monitoring system and embedded software, etc. When the project is finished, it could be predicted that the reliability of domestic slewing ring would be improved, their service life would be extended and the intelligent critical components could be achieved. Its related achievements could be beneficial to the improvement of slewing ring technical level and market competitiveness in the international market competition.