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A Slewing Ring with Adjustable Gap Obtained Utility Model Patent
Release time:2014-05-15   Hits:3139  
Engineering research center,  Wang Li reported' On 14th  May, our company achieved the utility model patent awarded by State Intellectual Property Office for a slewing ring with adjustable gap, the patent number is ZL 201320761180.6. This research achievement is gained by a research and development group composed of Chen Wu, Xu Xu and He Dongsheng, etc.
This new slewing ring with adjustable gap includes upper ring and lower ring, which contain outer ring, inner ring, oil cup, rolling element, isolated block, sealing strip and shifting ring. The rolling element and isolated block are set in the raceway between outer ring and inner ring. The shifting ring and outer ring are connected by thread. There are adjusting hole on the top of shifting ring. The structure of this new slewing ring is simple and is easy to use widely. It satisfies the different demands for gap in different machines, which improves the efficiency.
Our company has obtained 52 patents so far in which 10 are for invention and 42 are for utility model. Besides, another 11 patents are in processing.