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Cheng Shudong led to filming the mass line interview program in our company
Release time:2014-10-29   Hits:3135  

On 21 July afternoon, party member audiovisual education center, deputy director of the provincial party committee organization department Cheng Shudong rate of anhui TV public channel "the province's mass line education practice project the reporters" head of a line to company interview, accompanied by Wang Can, director of the municipal party committee organization department members audiovisual education center. Company, deputy party secretary Dong Jinshan, zhang, the manager of party-masses work good and party-masses work deputy manager of Hu Guangxin reporters hosted a line. 
The reporters visited the company first exhibition hall, vice secretary of party committee Dong Jinshan introduce them to the company, capital operation, the product of the development process of the power and the social public welfare activities, and so on and so forth, Cheng Shudong, deputy director of the strength and the social public welfare activities for the company's products praise, he said: "this is the first time I've heard there is such a enterprise, not only the product of science and technology content high, the consciousness of enterprise social responsibilities, is also high." 
Then, the company vice secretary of party committee Dong Jinshan accepted the program's interview. During, the reporter asked, the company carry out the mass line of the specific conditions of the education practice, stage, company staff evaluation of the party organization, vice secretary of Dong Jinshan has made the detailed reply. He said: "the company in accordance with the unified plan of the municipal party committee and party committee, carried out the activity, and in accordance with the three links, surrounding the current business enterprise management strategy to carry out a series of activities, such as: all party member education; to carry out the party members; go down to the basic unit party member, the technical backbone, for the production line to solve specific problems, and so on. The general staff issued a high evaluation and recognition to this activity, the activity has achieved good results. At the same time the higher party organization of enterprises to carry out this activity is also very concerned about, often on how to carry out the mass line education practice guidance and support. At the same time the column group also heavily armoured division deeply the production site to site.