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The whole casing drill with rotary bearing offline smoothly
Release time:2014-10-29   Hits:3122  


On September 25, to a certain state full casing drilling machine supporting the use of 2.23 meters of slewing bearing, slewing bearing co., LTD., in ma on shan offline smoothly, it marks the ma on shan fangyuan bearing company in the field of rotary bearing application development, improve aspects of products and a step up. 

All casing drill in urban subway, bridge and dam reinforcement projects, urban construction pile has been widely used, especially suitable for the rotating drill construction hard a hard rock and soil layer and gravel layer, its on the efficiency and success rate has irreplaceable advantages. Fangyuan company after receiving customer orders, tissue engineering technology research institute and heavily armoured division immediately set up project team, the use of pipe drill with rotary bearing condition for detailed study and analysis, to optimize product design, process preparation, employee training and to carry out the execution, successfully completed the customer requirements for product delivery. By fangyuan company test center and high precision three coordinates testing, the accuracy of the gear for level 7, the precision of the wedge clamping cant + / - 0.03 °, the specifications are reaching or higher than the rest of the host for the product requirements.