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The company party committee visited condolences central bar fangyuan hope primary school students union
Release time:2014-10-29   Hits:3080  

On the morning of September 22, the company party GongBan Hu Guangxin led research institute, director of the part of the party members, on behalf of the company party committee union visits condolences DangTu central bar fangyuan poor family hope primary school. 
Hope primary school teachers in central bar, led by hu jintao, director of a row first came to the campus, a cordial conversation with the children, one of the children curiously ask: which unit are you? Hao Qiong secretary pointed to the staff told them, "we are fangyuan bearing company..." The children looked very excited. 

Later, hu, director of a line left campus, the key to visit two poorer families, communicate with parents, family status of poor students, study and life situation, and trade unions on behalf of the company party committee sent grants and best wishes. 

In 2007, the company donated 460000 yuan to help build DangTu central bar fangyuan hope primary school, since the company union party committee has always been focused on the school's teaching quality and the domestic situation of poor students. According to statistics, since 2007, except for the donated to the school students daily life appliances and daily necessities, the company union party committee also sent representatives to the school each year student sympathy, grants 14100 yuan, by giving the students more than 80 people, many poor families children have graduated from primary school, to continue to accept education of junior high school. 

For many years, the company to donate to charity has been got by the local government and rural people's praise.