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Humanities (hereafter feeling warm social party union in student activities
Release time:2014-10-29   Hits:3055  


"Humanity be popular feeling warm society To build a harmonious "is the company's corporate culture. As the start of the golden autumn, the party GongBan Hu Guangxin, director of the trade union on behalf of the company party committee visited condolences to the city of four student relieve the family. 

During the visit, hu, director of each of these families is to understand the situation, communicate with parents and children kind, record their family situation, study and life, and trade unions on behalf of the company party committee sent grants and best wishes, while encouraging children to build up confidence, overcome difficulties, continue to work hard, strive for an early success, return society. 

In addition, the company union party committee also on this year's college entrance examination admission staff children respectively to the reward.