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The company won the 2012-2013 the municipal science and technology progress third prize
Release time:2014-10-29   Hits:3021  

On August 27, maanshan city technology bureau released about 2012-2013 annual maanshan science assessment results of the public notice. My company "large wind power slewing bearing research and development" project was voted 2012-2013 annual maanshan won third prize of scientific and technological progress. 

The project is hosted by company chief engineer haren strobe, Dai Yongfen, vice President of the institute and other people involved, and industry-university-institute cooperation with those in anhui university of technology research and development projects, and complete the main research contents include: the establishment of a large wind power slewing bearing life prediction model; Was carried out by rotary bearing high precision machining method, anticorrosion and sealing technology research; Develops the integrated CAD/CAM system software; Developed the large wind power slewing bearing performance test rig, rotary bearing measuring roundness and length error calibration device, etc. Project products through the national steel and products quality supervision and inspection center of detection, various performance conforms to standard JB/T 10839-2008 and other related requirements. Also achieved in the process of project implementation six national patents (including 3 invention patents), made two enterprise standards, for a large wind power slewing bearing batch production has laid a solid foundation. Products of the project has been delivered to the customers to use, customer feedback products stable performance and good quality. 

The project implementation, to promote technological progress of domestic rotary bearing industry, enhance the competitiveness of the enterprises in the international market has played an important role. Project product market prospect, economic and social benefit is remarkable.