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Fangyuan support to attend the 2014 global tower crane peak BBS
Release time:2014-10-29   Hits:3059  


Global tower crane peak forum in 2014 on June 24-26 held in wuxi, present at the meeting were famous tower crane manufacturing enterprises at home and abroad. BBS is the topic of "focusing on safety of tower crane and tower crane leasing market". The conference was hosted by construction machinery magazine, Manitowoc lifting equipment (China) co., LTD., fangyuan bearing as the only a support units attended the meeting. 

In order to better promote company's strength in the meeting, show the company's technical superiority, we set up the rotary bearing technology exchange, to arrange two technicians Cao Guolan and Ceng Kunlong take tower crane host enterprise technical consulting, a total of more than 20 tower crane enterprise to our booth for exchange and communication technology, the tower crane host enterprises praise and affirmation. By attending this conference for the market foreground is prospected, common sense market pressure, reduced with national investment, overall downward trend in the market, we think there is still a big gap between the foreign brands of domestic tower crane, can be adjusted by the market to break, vigorously promotes its own quality control, the domestic tower crane market bigger and stronger. 

To attend this meeting of company leaders: vice chairman haren, deputy general manager assistant GeHuaiWei Jenny jiang Sun Yuejiang, marketing director and general manager. Company leaders use the opportunity of attending the meeting, actively expand new customers, through the issuance of product samples, brochures, and through meeting announcements of the play a company during a break, and show the company image, unique corporate culture has attracted many tower crane customers came to negotiate. A good image of the company by the affirmation of the tower crane industry leaders and experts from home and abroad.