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Years collectivize financial work conference held in phoenix lake
Release time:2014-10-29   Hits:3142  

June 20-21, fangyuan bearing in mid - 2014 group financial work conference in phoenix lake convention center, the meeting shall be presided over by joint-stock company finance department manager wen-ming wang, Qian Senli joint-stock company chairman and general manager, chief financial officer guo-ping xu, chairman of the supervisory board and the ministry of supervision of audit manager Yang Chang raw and other leaders to attend important speech. 

Meeting report and discuss with the combination of manner. Corporation and subsidiary finance manager to carry out the work of their report in the first half of the situation and the existing problems, and ideas to list the specific arrangements for the second half of the work. Meeting in interactive way, mobile spokesman, against their actual work conversations their feelings, at the same time pointed out the deficiencies and improvement direction of late. The atmosphere active, everybody speaks enthusiastically, open communication, share their experience at the same time, the problems in their push each other. Through communication, analyze the deficiency, complement each other, looking for a good job. 

Joint-stock company auditors audit supervision Gao Jun on the problems existing in the 2013 annual audit and proposes ways to avoid late accounting and internal control items, joint-stock company, chairman of the supervisory board and the ministry of supervision of audit manager Yang Chang born group audit ideas and vision, group the normative requirements of accounting and 2014 half annals compiling note did in-depth communication with the financial personnel, to ensure that the group accounting uniformity and standardization. Joint-stock company finance director guo-ping xu also financial personnel how to locate and how to improve the financial management function, prevent and avoid the risk control to do the related training. 

Finally, joint-stock company chairman and general manager Qian Senli evolutionary history from the accounting and management function, the current macroeconomic situation from aspects such as the importance of enterprise financial personnel business operators to financial personnel requirements, a simple way to make the financial system, personnel had the new cognition of the post, to the future with the working train of thought of deeper development direction. 

The meeting for the group financial personnel understanding of cognition about their jobs and their own positioning, provides the mutual exchanges and learning platform, further improve team cohesion and consciousness to strengthen financial personnel of the service and management.