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Fangyuan bearing won the 16th "municipal civilized unit"
Release time:2014-10-29   Hits:3009  

Municipal party committee, municipal government has reported on the 16th maanshan city civilization unit, the company was awarded the "municipal civilized unit" honorary title. 

The honor, is the continued steady and healthy development of the company, enterprise culture work solidly, technology innovation, scientific and standardized management, beautiful environment clean and tidy, proof of love to give back to society. In recent years, the company expand upward downstream industry chain, "founder, satisfactory work" enterprise culture constantly consolidate, 51 company accumulated to obtain patents, including 10 invention patents, utility models 41; Integrated management system, deepen the fall to the ground, the unit interior management norms and orderly, internal and external environment clean and tidy, purification, greening, landscaping and lighting, year after year was rated as "green enterprise"; Company attaches great importance to give back to society, the cumulative donated more than 1200 ten thousand yuan for student financial aid teaching assistant and other public welfare undertakings, employees often from a hope primary school, fangyuan charity sunlight village, fangyuan glorious hope primary school support activities, organize "charity to donate a day" and "blood" and other public welfare activities. 

Company will receive this honor as an opportunity to create activities, continue to intensify the civilization second startup for the company to create good human environment, to promote the all-round development of the company and staff quality improvement.