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Company for six consecutive years been rated "green enterprise"
Release time:2014-10-29   Hits:3082  

"Six, five" world environment day this year, the company was rated as maanshan 2013 key enterprises environmental behavior evaluation of the highest level - "green enterprise", the company after six years in a row since 2008 to receive the evaluation. 

"Declares war on pollution" is the theme of world environment day, fangyuan people the anxiety of the state of the environment and governance environment for them. In 2013, the company in accordance with the requirements for the environmental protection laws and regulations, has carried out a large number of green jobs, "heavy equipment, clean energy equipment with large slewing bearing production line and testing and experiment center construction projects" and "industry technology upgrade projects" respectively by "project three at the same time environmental expert review acceptance"; Entrust the city environmental monitoring center for environmental monitoring of each department; Commissioned in hefei wushan solid waste disposal co., LTD. The compliance disposal of waste oil cotton yarn and waste emulsion; In under the guidance of the municipal solid waste management center, planning and implementation of company waste temporary storage facilities reconstruction scheme, and so on. 

"Green enterprise" is the company's 2013 annual pollution index, environmental management indicators, the social influence index comprehensive evaluation on the implementation of enterprise environmental behavior. In the national push under the situation of industrial structure adjustment, "green enterprise" is not only conducive to set up the enterprise image, is also conducive to enterprise's financing and credit.