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"Children" before the countryside party organization to visit the hope primary school teachers and students
Release time:2014-10-29   Hits:3169  

In the June 1 international children's day approaching, the company party committee united welcomed the grass-roots party organizations to carry out a series of "children" love action. 

On the afternoon of May 28 party-mass work department manager zhang, under the guidance of view good transmission machinery branch, reshipment party branch members visiting within the sun village children, for each family brought a nutrition and school supplies. 


On May 29 morning, Hu Guang party-mass work, deputy manager and general division under the leadership of the party branch secretary zhou Ming, general department party branch school supplies, some party members take prepared to herein and county the temple fangyuan glorious hope primary school. 


Party-masses work morning of May 30, deputy manager of Hu Guangxin solver, institute party part of the party members, the party branch and authority to the central bar fangyuan hope primary schools, 200 sent to school things for the children. 

It is understood that more hope primary school left-behind children. Social people from all walks of life to give their love, help children's healthy growth. Sun village children, often looking forward to the arrival of the loving people, a small gift, will bring infinite joy. 

Hope that the company's love, to help their healthy growth, encouraging them to the dreams of the future, realize their hearts "Chinese dream"!