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China machinery industry federation in shu qing fangyuan bearing
Release time:2014-10-29   Hits:3054  

On May 14, the China machinery industry federation, executive vice President in shu qing came to ma on shan line, it is early July in maanshan organization "national mechanical industry to strengthen the management to speed up the transformation and upgrading of propulsion conference is intended to explore the related issues. 

On May 15, the President of a line in the municipal economic and information commission director Liu Quan accompanied by city leaders to visit my company research, Sun Yuejiang company deputy general manager, assistant general manager opportunities and other accompanying reception. 

Investigation and research, the company deputy general manager Sun Yuejiang detailed explained to the President of the company's development, enterprise production and management, and so on and so forth. Then a company in the field of line heavily armoured division production workshop, understand the company's product performance, characteristics and application fields, and the company's future development and core competitiveness, said.