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"A clearance adjustable rotary bearing" won the patent for utility model
Release time:2014-10-29   Hits:3265  

May 14, the company won the state intellectual property office issued "a rotary bearing clearance adjustable" utility model patent certificate, patent number: ZL201320761180.6. The scientific and technological achievements, is Chen wu, Xu Xu, by the company research and development team of how such a man. 

The utility model discloses a rotary bearing clearance is adjustable, it includes outer ring, inner ring, oil cup, rolling body, the isolation piece, sealing strip and the adjusting ring, inner ring as stated in the suit in the outer ring, inner ring and outer ring raceway, rolling element and the isolation piece, in turn, set in the race, between the outer and inner ring by sealing to seal, the adjusting ring and outer ring threaded connection of adjustment upper circle has holes. The utility model has simple structure, easy to use, to satisfy the different supporting the host to the different requirement of the clearance, satisfying the requirements of different applications use, versatility, convenient adjusting clearance at the same time, improve the efficiency. 

52 so far, the company accumulated to obtain patents, of which 42 10 invention patents, utility models, in addition there are 11 patents in accepting, among them 4 invention patents, new utility model 7.