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Company to be included in the national "two fusion, jitc pilot enterprises"
Release time:2014-10-29   Hits:3492  

On May 9, learn from maanshan office information management system of economic and information commission, fangyuan bearing to be included in the ministry radical group of both the integration management system, jitc pilot enterprises (national). 

To guide enterprises to carry out the ministry of informatization and industrialization fusion management system requirements (try out) ", vigorously promote the in-depth application in the field of typical enterprise two fusion, miit in various provinces and cities in 2014 and key industries selection, 502 companies, jitc pilot, including 24 companies in anhui province, ma on shan only three. 

Enterprise two integration management system fully absorb represented by ISO9000, ISO14000 management system, through summarizing the basic laws of two combination of refining enterprises and the general experience, standardize enterprise system to promote two common methods of the integration, through two pilot integration management system, jitc, popularization of two fusion advanced management experience, to help businesses stability to obtain the desired information, promote enterprise innovation, accelerate industry as a whole to upgrade. 

The fangyuan bearing as one of jitc pilot enterprises, will take this opportunity to further promote the information construction to the standardization, the company information level ascend to a new level.