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A rotary bearing products by jiangsu military radar unit technical appraisal
Release time:2014-10-29   Hits:1794  

On April 22, the fifth floor meeting room in the countryside supporting headquarters a rotary bearing radar product technology, to attend the meeting of a military unit in jiangsu and relevant experts, comes to fangyuan supporting engineering institute of technology related members.

Participants comprehensive review of a rotary bearing all the technical appraisal of radar data, through the data review and answer questions, experts agree that fangyuan supporting the production of a certain radar rotary bearing can meet the demands of military industry design and standardization, and agreed to by the product technical appraisal. 

The product technical appraisal, marked the countryside supporting technology in the field of military research and quality control to a new level. The company will take this opportunity to further improve product quality, develop with high end market, enhance the brand influence and core competitiveness.