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Provincial party committee the mass line education practice teams to visit the company supervision
Release time:2014-10-29   Hits:3652  


April 16 at 3:00, huangshan college former provincial party committee secretary of the party committee Wang Liangfa rate mass line education practice teams to a line to visit our company inspector mass line activities to carry out the situation. Sun Yuejiang Ma Shaohua accompanied, director of the development zone management committee, the vice general manager, assistant general manager opportunities. 

Inspector, Wang Liangfa a line side visit company showrooms, side listen to deputy general manager Sun Yuejiang introduce the company history, capital operation, product strength and the social public welfare, and so on and so forth. On the way to reinstall the party branch inspector, Wang Liangfa group leader asked with concern to the completion of the company in the first quarter economic indicators and the mass line, the content of the education practice, vice general manager Sun Yuejiang has made the detailed report. 

According to the company party committee of the party's mass line education practice implementation plan, at the end of march, the company the first party's mass line education practice link has been complete and standard. Each basic-level party branch according to the party's mass line education practice implementation plan for the first link request, actively mobilize the deployment, to carry out the "four winds" education, autonomous learning, to the people and activities such as "three listen to ask". Early April, the company's mass line education practice teams to each branch of the first link work has carried on the appraisal, and the evaluation results feedback to the branch. At present, the company is the work of the next link related deployment.