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Jim sherriff, vice President of the national federation of industry and a line to fangyuan investigation
Release time:2014-10-29   Hits:3907  


On April 12 in the afternoon, the deputy secretary of all-china federation of industry group, vice chairman Jim sherriff rate to company technology innovation research work, provincial federation of industry and party secretary Xu Facheng, city leaders Mao Changjiang, JiXiang, qing-song wang accompanied by research. Vice general manager of Sun Yuejiang, han-dong wang, vice President of the institute of engineering technology, general manager assistant opportunities reception and reporting work. 

Jim sherriff line visited company showrooms and heavily armoured division production site, the details about the company's development, capital operation and the performance, characteristics and application fields of the company's products. 

Discussion, deputy general manager Sun Yuejiang company set up 10 years of operating conditions and technical innovation work reports, investigators questioned on relevant issues. Around han-dong wang, vice President of the institute of engineering technology research group focuses on "the technical platform construction", "project management", "talent team construction" and "the" integration of four aspects, issue a detailed report. 

Jim sherriff of our company's technical innovation in the research work give full affirmation, he hopes to further strengthen the enterprise technology innovation, to strengthen the talent introduction and development inject fresh impetus for enterprise transformation, through business model innovation for enterprises of the biggest economic benefits and social benefits.