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General department of assembly team won the title of
Release time:2014-10-29   Hits:5138  

In Beijing on March 26, the national machinery industry advanced collective jingxi hotel the commendation meeting for the model workers and advanced workers, our company general department assembly shift by the Chinese ministry of human resources and social security, China machinery industry federation awarded the "national machinery industry advanced collective" honorary title. 

General division assembly team in the same way that a democratic management, make the knife a learning team, created a "double hundred" double zero (safety accidents number is zero, in violation of the process number is zero; daily production plan completion rate 100%, self-check authenticity 100%) of outstanding performance, achievement of a kind, helping each other in life; Work on "shut the last line of good quality"; Dare to dare to spell, innovation, unity, pragmatic team. Won the honor, not only highly affirmed the assembly team of excellent achievements in the management, also inspired other team to learn from them, together to create the national first-class advanced collective.