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Fangyuan bearing won the 2013 city
Release time:2014-10-29   Hits:5100  

March 31, the company was awarded by the maanshan city federation of trade unions, work safety bureau 2013 annual "ankang cup" contest winners enterprises in the city. 

In 2013, city federation of trade unions and the city safety bureau in the city organization carried out in order to "carry forward the enterprise safety culture, strengthen team safety management" as the theme of "ankang cup" contest. The company always adhere to the "safety first, prevention first, comprehensive management" approach, with "ankang cup" contest as the carrier, strictly implement production safety laws and regulations and earnestly implement the enterprise safety in production responsibility, strengthen worker safety training education, actively carry out hidden perils and management work, laying solid foundation of safe production standardization, continuously improve the occupational health and safety management system operation performance. Through the development of the competition, the enterprises to further improve safety management level, the worker safety consciousness is significantly enhanced, in the maintenance of the worker safety and health rights and interests, promote the city's production safety situation has played a positive role in steadily improving. 

It is understood that the city's total of 520 companies, more than 520 team, more than 150000 workers took part in the "ankang cup" contest, maanshan city, a total of 28 companies.