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People’s Representatives of Province Investigated Fangyuan for the Technological Innovation
Release time:2014-12-19   Hits:5486  

The People’s Representatives of province investigated Fangyuan for the technological innovation on 18th Dec 2014, accompanied by director generals Wang Xia and Song Bing of technology council. The Chairman of Fangyuan Qian Senli, Deputy Director of our research institute Dai Yongfen and Executive Assistant Liu Wei received and guided the investigation.

Deputy Director of our research institute Dai Yongfen introduced the main function and precision level of coordinate measuring machine, as well as the critical technical index of slewing rings that the machine could measure. Three representatives were attracted by the comprehensive performance text bench which is developed by Fangyuan and Nanjing University of Technology together. Then Our Chairman Qian Senli explained that all the test data record of this equipment is collected and stored by software automatically. Besides, the load in the test is entirely real-time controlled by hydraulic, which provides real data for the design and development of slewing rings of Fangyuan.

In the sealing performance lad and high-low temperature lab, our Executive Assistant Liu Wei described the operating environment and actual situation where some key slewing rings are applied. Besides, what important data should be collected, the testing process, testing range and method in two labs were also explained.

The People’s representatives highly appreciated the technology innovation and expected our further progress.