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A Bevel Slewing Ring Achieved Utility Model Patent
Release time:2015-01-08   Hits:5109  

In recent times, our company achieved the utility model patent awarded by State Intellectual Property Office for a bevel slewing ring. The patent number is ZL201420297437.1.

This research achievement is gained by a research and development group composed of Zeng Kunlong, Liu Shuhui, etc. The tooth profile of bevel slewing ring is conical tooth, which includes outer ring, rolling element, block, sealing strip, inner ring and glib. The middle of outer ring and inner ring form the raceway where the rolling element and block are set. The sealing strip is used to seal between outer and inner rings. The glib is set in the middle of the inner ring, which is connected with raceway. The structure of this patent is simple, so it is very convenient to use. The assembling size keeps the pace with industry standard, but the only change is driving model. The advantages are high strength, smooth driving, high load and low noise, which get great promotional value.

Our company has obtained 57 patents so far in which 10 are for invention and 47 are for utility model. Besides, another 5 patents are in processing, 4 for invention and 1 for utility model.