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Fangyuan precision:
Fangyuan precision of domestic sales
Telephone: 0555-3506911/3506909
Fax: 0555-3503940

Fangyuan precision international sales
Telephone: 0555-3503222
Fax: 0555-3503940
Address: maanshan high open area to visit no. 399
Zip code: 243041
Email address:

Fangyuan precision mechanical transmission division sales
Telephone: 0555-3503399
Fax: 0555-3503399
Address: maanshan tzuhu high-tech zone gree road
Zip code: 243051

Changsha fangyuan:
Telephone: 0731-83207188
Fax: 0731-83203188
Address: liuyang in hunan province yong fu yong town road no. 4
Zip code: 410323

Liuyang fangyuan hydraulic:
Telephone: 0731-83207559
Fax: 0731-83209018
Address: in changsha, liuyang, yonhap town to the modern industrial park north 5 so it
Zip code: 410323

Fangyuan power technology:
Telephone: 0555-3506827
Fax: 0555-3507770
Address: maanshan tzuhu chemical road no. 8
Zip code: 243001

Anhui with ChengHuan pieces:
Telephone: 0555-2560008
Fax: 0555-2560008
Address: maanshan city and county economic development zone in anhui province basking down the river road

Zip code: 238200