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Party organizations at the grass-roots level to carry out the July 1 party construction activities
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On July 1, 2014 is the 93th anniversary of the founding of the communist party of China. In this solemn and holy day, supporting the party construction of grass-roots party organizations to carry out a series of activities. 

11:30, on July 1, transmission machinery, led by secretary of the party branch all party member in geng-sheng zhang, revisit the party's oath! To join the party oath summarized the basic requirement of our party to party, also sums up the party members' responsibility of party organization and the party's cause. 

On July 1, 12:30, teaching and research section on the ground floor of the government organ, organ party members in the face of red flag, lifted his right arm, revisit the party oath, again make a solemn promise to the party and the people. 

13:00 on July 1, reshipment party branch branch party conference, party branch secretary Dai Xiangsheng oath to join the party lead the new party members, whole to revisit the oath to the party. 

Later, party members and the object, activists together to watch the history of the party propaganda education series - "flag" first episode "epoch-making". The film using a lot of precious historical materials about, this paper introduces the historical inevitability of the founding of the communist party of China to us, set up process and significance. Finish see mission, comprehensive management department He Quan party said: "the history of the party propaganda film very vivid, see after very impressive..." . 

Company accounting computerization Hu Guangxin said: "by watching party history mission, object enables us to the broad masses of party members, party building and activists by education, constantly pure party spirit and bear in mind that the party's tenet. The film has 9 sets will be arranged in succession watch in future plans."