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Other matters ended employee annual physical examination work
Release time:2014-10-29   Hits:3747  

Company 2014 annual physical examination activities start from March 10, until the end of April 4. According to statistics, the total of 791 employees participated in the physical examination, including 28 people listening tests and 12 pneumoconiosis were filming special post tests. Except for pregnancy and inductrial injury cannot attend a medical staff medical coverage rate of 100% this year, the cost of more than 230000 yuan. 

In order to make the employees more detailed understanding of the physical examination report, the indicators party-mass work respectively on April 25th and April 28 afternoon, north and south in the company held two health consultation, invited ten QiYe hospital blood system, imaging and comprehensive medical expert on-site parsing, answering questions for everyone. 

The company has always been adhering to the "care fangyuan, care for employees", for the purposes of the overall health physical examination work since 2006, has been 8 years, annual physical examination is more attention to the important employees benefits, more and more workers constantly strengthened self health care consciousness, which further promote the steady development of harmonious labor relations.