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Engineering r&d center innovation methods training sharing meeting
Release time:2014-10-29   Hits:3804  

After February 14, after the innovation methods and gather intelligence training in the countryside for the first time to speak, May 22-23, "innovation method at the beginning of the basic framework of the theory of TRIZ innovation training, intermediate tutorial will share" in the headquarters staff room on the ground floor, Huang Lu engineering r&d center and ming-ming wang is responsible for the interpretation of the center staff attended the share will, some interested departments also participate in the lecture. 

In primary training, Huang Lu mainly introduces the introduction to the theory of TRIZ, breakthrough thinking inertia, the method of TRIZ term explanation, tool introduction and technical and physical contradictions solution principles of TRIZ tools (39 general engineering parameters, 40 invention principle), etc. 

Intermediate training mainly introduced the cuts in TRIZ tools in the system analysis, system, field model and 76 kinds of standard solution, technical system evolution, the ming-ming wang is responsible for the speaker. 

, in order to share the training improve everyone's interest in innovative thinking and expand the train of thought to solve the problem, the innovation rule of using TRIZ theory, quickly, purposefully according to the concrete problem, problem model is established and the solution of the model, thus embodies get final solution. 

Share will end in a relaxed and happy atmosphere, but the company innovation methods of learning and using is just beginning, let us study together, progress together, for better future carved out a new heaven and earth.