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Research design department organization skill training activities
Release time:2014-10-29   Hits:3818  


According to the requirement of the company improve staff quality, to further enhance the process of the production site operation staff skills and strengthen process discipline, avoid from experience and ignore the phenomenon of self-check mutual inspection. 

On April 12, on the first floor of the southern district of teaching and research section in the company, design institute for heavily armoured division site operators launched a skill training activity. Engineer li wei on knowledge about process, main content consists of the machining process and the selection of reference; Company process card classification, the arrangement of the ordinary rotary bearing products processing process and the preparation of rotary bearing "process flow card", etc. 

Training activities has obtained the good effect, it is technical personnel and operating a good interaction between employees, will in future in general and precision group to carry out the related knowledge training, for the company product quality guarantee.