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Agencies and general youth league branch in the seminars
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On April 11, 12:30, general department in the company the fifth floor conference room, fasco and general league organization has launched a special technology exchange meeting. 

Fasco, taking advantage of the rotary bearing engineering institute of technology, by the vice secretary of the youth corps cell Qin Xumin solver, drafted 4 engineering and technical personnel to attend the conference. Under the strong support of secretary geoff, general division nearly 10 institutes of supervisors and technicians for a wide range of communication. 

During the meeting, everybody speaks enthusiastically, views, the atmosphere was active. Team leader for the work of all kinds of technology, technology, research and development, quality and test, to those technicians raises questions. Club members question not only has a full breadth, more have to delve into the depth of the, fasco technical personnel within its detailed solutions to the problem, and difficult to solve the problem for the record summary, a total of 14 sort out the relevant technologies, processes, process, etc. After the meeting, report to the company of the youth league and the institute of leadership and coordinated effort, positive solution. 

The exchange, to strengthen the fasco contact with general of the league, the working state of the young employees know the company, for young employees to achieve zero distance, barrier-free created a platform of communication, is helpful to realize common development.