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Company DangTuanYuan represent actual pond martyr cemetery grave
Release time:2014-10-29   Hits:3885  


On April 3, 9, the company DangTuanYuan represents a line 47 people starting from the general division, came to the feelings of other actual pond martyr cemetery, mourn for the liberation of the motherland at the expense of revolutionary martyrs, to remember their feats. 

On arrival, the delegates lined up team, register into the revolutionary history memorial hall to visit. In the museum, we feel the history of the past, a visit to the revolutionary martyrs English name list, martyrs relics, pictures, revolutionary history and historical events. Green tea garden, DangTuanYuan representatives into the area at the tomb of the revolution, respects at the tomb of the revolution, we deeply education, patriotism. 

Then, delegates to the anti-japanese hero Liu Yihong jinianting, out going to start martyrs martyr cemetery, garbage bags, by DangTuanYuan all the way down, pick up the side of the road of garbage, sundry. 

Lined up in front of the martyr immortal monument, the delegates team, in the party and the youth league flag and company flag will pose, youth corps committee secretary zhang a good lead you back to join the communist party oath, combined with the daily work life made a speech to the delegates, the end of this activity.