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In the first quarter of 2013 "party member ShiFanGang" opening ceremony was held in precision division
Release time:2014-10-29   Hits:1700  


On April 2, 9, Hu Guangxin presided by the deputy party-masses work manager in the first quarter of 2013 "party member ShiFanGang" opening ceremony was held in precise division between activity room, all the basic-level party branch secretary and "party member ShiFanGang" honor winner all attended the meeting. 

HangZhenHong, Liu Changsheng, essence, He Lili, XingSheng gang, comrade liu and zhi-jun wei seven has won the honorary title of "the party member ShiFanGang" quarter of 2013, they are from a model of the basic-level party branch company of party members, were fighting in the technology, process, sales and equipment maintenance and production post, are won various awards recognize outstanding employees. 

Opening ceremony, deputy party-masses work manager Hu Guangxin encouragement on behalf of the company party committee awarded "party member ShiFanGang" comrade to do "a party flag, bright card mount guard to fly", should be based on post, completes the labor of duty, to be on the job to do a model of "learning, working model, the unity of the model, a model of discipline", is to be the excellent party member's high standard strict self-discipline, to play a party member's cutting edge exemplary role attentively, to reveal the essence of communist party members in practice, do an ordinary but important screws, in their ordinary work, to make extraordinary performance.