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In 2013 the founding of the object and the activists carried out training on schedule
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2013 founding object and activists first training, on March 25 in the afternoon then the fifth floor conference room, general division to participate in training, namely general party branch, the precision of party branch and mechanical enterprise party branch to join the party activists and founding a total of 44 people object. 

The training is divided into two fields, south, north district organizations, three times every training courses, a total of 9 class, mainly include basic knowledge, history of the party and political knowledge, etc. Through training to make wide activists and the object of the founding of the insight into the party's guiding ideology, basic theory, basic line, basic principle and knowledge of history of the party, such as content, correct their motivation to the party, and ask them to wuxi in the practical work, fulfill their duties, the party member the cutting edge exemplary role into full play.