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Yea, market "battle" grasp the opportunity
Release time:2014-10-29   Hits:2960  

In 2013, the global economic downturn continues, with the adjustment of economic structure in our country, construction machinery industry is still low. Throughout the year, the company's overall performance is not ideal. In 2014, to turn things sales, the company to the sales team to integrate, could be divided into six regions, domestic sales each region set up a sales manager, each led by six regional manager of two regional manager in the national market. 

Guo-xing sun is one of the district manager, he is responsible for xuzhou district, north jiangsu, shanxi, anhui, henan and other places. This year, led by the guo-xing sun two players, have conquered, 1, April, 4223 sets of xuzhou total delivery, collection of 24.9 million yuan, sales of 29.56 million yuan, 13 to develop new customers, achieve sales target of 100%, all the data in the sales company. Guo-xing sun is in the taxi, in a telephone interview. Some of xugong accessories belong to the "three guarantees", he's just get out from xugong old factory, coming to a new factory to have the goods. 

In 1990 and, after a job guo-xing sun and rotary bearing have dealt with, in 2003, he joined the sales company, after 10 years, he has always maintained a passion for the work of sales. Out for more than 2400 days, he has been responsible for Shanghai, guangxi, southern jiangsu and northern jiangsu, xuzhou, henan, shanxi, and other areas of sales. With solid professional knowledge and working attitude which bears hardships and stands hard work, he won the title "outstanding district manager of the sales company, and successively won the annual star of fangyuan excellent party member, outstanding party members and tzuhu development zone, etc. 

At the beginning of this year, the company determined after good district manager responsibility system, discussed guo-xing sun will convene a meeting of the members in your team. Analysis of market environment and regional sales targets, determine the xugong as leading sales revenue and to subei tower crane market sales revenue, in anhui, henan, with emphasis on the development of new customers, sales strategy. A clear division of responsibilities, the unity cooperation, strive to overfulfil their sales targets. Xugong group of sales, for the completion of the district and even the company full-year results have important influence. Guo-xing sun, therefore, insist on a month to each subsidiary of xugong group communication as soon as possible, timely grasp their production plan and temporary change of plan, not because of the slow delivery to lose any order. Each quality information of xugong, he will be rushed to the scene to deal with in time, will affect to a minimum. In April, xuzhou heavy feedback has a 25 tons car slewing ring, he is the fastest way to debug the scene, in view of the voice of the sound is not big, he to grease gun for slewing bearing oil, rotating again after more laps, sound faded away. Finally, the debugging work all agree satisfactorily with the inspector. 

In the face of the regional sales target every month, guo-xing sun lead by example, requires everyone to travel as much as possible, do more. Every day he will pay attention to the other two players progress and completion of the task often encourage and remind them that have everyone together to find a way to solve the problem. Salesman outside on a business trip to average 20 days a month, the biggest difficulty, but "hard goods out" and "recovered", but Sun Guo period began his team has a simple faith, don't give up, continue to pay, stick it out. With the indomitable resilience, they constantly refresh the indicators. 

When it comes to family, guo-xing sun delighted with a trace of guilt, he said: "the support of the family is a solid backing, I can focus on their work at home, I will share with his wife and children to work and fun, they are also very interested in, sometimes help give an idea." Just graduated from elementary school fast son always hope to a little more time with his father. As a sales manager and members of the family, and guo-xing sun clearly his shoulder responsibility, he says, will continue to walk your own path. 

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