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Farmer's son
Release time:2014-10-29   Hits:2890  

You are a tree, but it is not big, but I once watched the lark sing among the branches of that you, the song long and long. I am your son, beside you on your shoulder. Father, you always tell me - is to strong boys. 

You are a river, but it is not clear, but I once watched a dandelion in your bosom with a smile bloom, the scent fly freely. I am your son, in your side to cuddle up to your chest. Father, you have taught me, man will play. 

You are a farmer, facing the loess back toward the blue sky. Sweat is salty, you say is sweet. You hoe to remove weeds and seeding life. Thank you for your father, is you let me know, is a man to live with. 

I am your son, and the farmer's son. 
I am willing to do a tree, in sorching summer with a cool; 
I am willing to do a small river, flowing quietly on barren land; 
I want to be a farmer, sow hope on the earth of the motherland. 
I am your son, and the farmer's son. 
I don't expect the splendor, so... 
I don't expect fame, so... 
And so to the role of a peasant, willing to offer the power of life.