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Jiangnan is always rainy in spring, has been around for a whole morning haze, the rain finally at noon and falling out. And friends meet, see friends from home that umbrella hanging on the hook in the window, wet umbrella rain soon spread that remains on washable surface is a large piece of ground. 

I looked at once, but inadvertently glance to the umbrella a small details. Hang a string of beads replaced the function of the rope, on rusty hook with glittering and translucent light. Respect those small beads, hanging umbrella rope, on rusty hook with glittering and translucent light. Those small beads, I can see you is elaborate on, color and the umbrella was, seems to be harmonious. Inadvertently o, a flow, let I found the life of a chic. 

Way of life there are many kinds of...... ]

Remember once discussed with a friend, what is the life should be. I said, the life should be a quality. Blurt out, let's smile at one another. The quality of life is how to decide? It is a high grade of items? Is a luxury? Maybe it is a way of to harness on life!!!! Not only the basis of quality to establish the spirit level, more important is to have a material basis. We laugh, perhaps because to normal life are talking about the quality, then a far-fetched and distance. 

Home of one of my old knowledge, some quite elegant. He in the small city, lived, one-and two-family houses a large old house and large garden. Leisure time to pick flowers make grass, busy busy. He put in the courtyard of the old roots, many from all over to grope for many years, self-taught, unexpectedly also more professional. Every time I visit, there would be pulled to appreciate. Because of the lack of the understanding of this kind of art, not every time, I always feel so roots, also experienced a long time, seems to be more should stay in the vast land, but not his yard. He loves to collect the ancient bronze mirror, collected bronze mirror in his bedroom, those have already been years on the oxidation of thick plated mirror, let he added a few minutes with satisfaction, harvest quite abundant, pay is also a lot. Elegant life, it seems, do not fall convention, is expected to reach it is normal. 

Normal life from the quality or refined may have distance, but this kind of daily life and chic? Lips with a reddish, a point on the nails glittering and translucent, is enough to make some chic woman; The balcony placed a plate of blue, man ManMan green, can let the life chic. A favorite book in hand, a favorite bookmark in the book, you can make reading some chic; Erase the dust in the room, buy some flowers on the place, can make a space some chic... 

Even if is a very simple, very simple life, with a chic attitude to life, also can add many colors. Life, although ordinary, but so chic?