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A skilled lifting work
Release time:2014-10-29   Hits:3035  

Recently, heavily armoured division processing outsourcing, the workpiece machining process to turn, outsourcing 7 tons, because of the importance of the workpiece, can't have a little knock against, in the process of roll over heavily armoured division has a lifting card and staff leave, only from other department to borrow lifting work, through the coordination, mechanical division manager lee paired lifting experienced Jia Bin master transferred to help us for the workpiece. 

Jia Bin master turned heavily armoured division, carefully understand the workpiece turn requirements and field have conditions of emancipation. I tell him the reason of the workpiece was not a little knock against, he is very sure to tell me: "no problem, you don't have to worry about, to ensure foolproof." If the artifacts in the machinery division, turn over the difficulty is not great, there are easy to air turn over double beam crane, double girder crane with two hook size, had the workpiece air turn hardware conditions. And heavily armoured division across only 5 tons and 10 tons of the single-girder crane, the hardware condition increased the workpiece rolled over the difficulty, my in the mind very worried. See jia master with 10 tons of condole belt to tie up the workpiece from different angles, 10 tons of hoist single-girder crane hook subject, 5 tons of small single-girder crane hook from the side, to help turn, jia master commands the two single-girder crane movement direction, finally completed a perfect turn, makes the tracking processing outsourcing unit of the technical personnel very pleased with this turn. Turn over the whole process of less than 20 minutes, but it is enough to show a lifting work skill. At the time of temperature in the workshop is not very tall, I'm still in coats, can wear light clothing jia master behind the workpiece turns out, has come up to a lot of sweat on the face, can imagine him in turn process, also under certain pressure. 

Artifacts turn over, the scene left a ladle poured out some of the iron filings and grinding workpiece emulsion, jia master personally to the broom, I will clear scrap iron to the scrap heap; Will turn the scene of the grinding emulsion with mop clean, do things stead fast, showed a return wind model. Live tracking processing outsourcing unit technical personnel said to me: "now, such a conscientious teacher is running out."