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In the early morning walk go to the factory car, changed into overalls and meet with colleagues say hello, see the production task list, after the morning session is about to kick off a day's work. 

Today's car's mission is to half fine processing 1676 single volleyball 4 pieces, 2240 volleyball on three rows of the column 2 pieces and 3150 pieces of 2 pieces. After I with you to discuss the task allocation, began to cutter machining. Semi finished this process, connecting the heat treatment of rough turning and drilling hinge, belong to the roll forming, process more. 

Around 3:40 p.m in the afternoon, work over, began to race took the processed workpiece quenching heat treatment. 

Clean the machine in good clothes, after the end of the day's work! 

But the work never always plain, when there are challenges. 

In march, reshipment to a set of 3150 three rows of columns, the delivery date is very tight, never expect that packaging warehousing, only 6 days. But the blank allowance is very big, commonly known as "black circle". Everyone in the mind all keep up a drive, swear to complete. My half fine and coarse models work overtime, heat treatment of small night shift, gantry drilling, car graveyard shift, tooth processing small night even the graveyard shift, finally at the end of the sixth day morning assembly. See the results of my efforts, everyone also all breathed a sigh of relief, smiles nods to each other. A "relay race" has finally reached the end! In their hands, a set of 3150 three rows of columns was born. CDH across from rough turning, drilling air traffic hinge, half fine car jiale, heat treatment of the wu, little BinBin fine cars, small haun tooth processing, large gantry drilling fly, car grinding, o love, assembly of Dallas, you each person gives the slewing bearing is part of life, when these part of life, is like a newborn baby came into this world. It was born, cannot be separated from the hard work of each of you. 

This is just a small story, story of a line of countless more, like the stars in the sky, each star shining, everything is so impressive. Life was like this all over the sky stars, each one had a story. 

In the passage of time, perhaps wait until their 40 s and 50 s, I recall of more than 20 years old again, once with the collective, tried, struggle, success, failure, have paid, received, and this collective colleagues each position along the way, although very hard, but not regret. I am a member of the collective, like, there is a song to sing: "in this I can feel my existence, in which there are too many things I learned!" 

Later, when someone asked about what kind of work I do, I will be proud of say: "I, from the production line!"