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Dreams, I left the university came to work in the countryside has been more than eight months. Time flies, I learn a lot in this more than half a year in school never come into contact with the truth, I'm glad I can get so much in such a short time of exercise, also very happy could grow up from a variety of training, what is more important in our life had such a rich and colorful experiences. 

New, step into an unfamiliar environment, contact with every day is no longer the books and podium, instead of machines roar and a busy production field. Early into the factory, the points in the internship process, when the dog days, busy daily wearing trousers, labor insurance shoes in production line, is essential to sweating like a pig, is more of a confused and bewildered, there have been lonely and lonely. But upon reflection, it is in every working procedure for a period of time, can for the company's products, the production rhythm and processing characteristics have a preliminary understanding of, these books no knowledge but also played a strong support for our present work. 

In the production line, and every day we deal with not only is a cold fish workpiece and machine, the workers more friends corners of communication, is old employees for new employees to inculcate, such feelings let us these newcomers can more quickly into the radius of this big family, also let us now work together with ease. When they meet every day a smile, a greeting, will bring you a warm, let you feel more kind, such as the spring breeze. 

Work, a sense of warmth, not only have a serious side. To work, you must hold mine meticulous attitude and determination, who turned the door in the workplace, I naturally understand such rules, production line management job more need to be so. Remember just contact the production plan, this job due to himself a little carelessness, missed one of hundreds of orders, this seemingly innocuous, but is an order by this, two sets of product, a production line to work overtime, scared. Thought of here, I would feel ashamed, but the work is so cruel, and the school is different, not the topic, you do wrong is wrong in the work, may not have a chance to correct you, you have to learn how to pay for their mistakes. 

Every day, we are all in the struggle for your dream, for within the company's development to do their own contribution, can take over such important work in such a short time and thank you for your leadership colleagues trust and support, I also have the confidence to have determined to do my job, service companies, social returns. 

Life is a journey, thank each to accompany me on the road to support me, I look forward to cheek by jowl road over there, the more miss the beautiful scenery, I am obsessed with every footstep, also enjoy running freely, to meet every day of life, I will smile, calmly face.