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Goodbye, come again next time
Release time:2014-10-29   Hits:3574  

On March 21, I am very excited, because today we group organized a group activity, and different, this is to go to countryside village condolences to the children. Remember when visit them last year, liu village chief told us that they want to move, her eyes filled with joy. This is going to their new home. May be cared for the children, may be the expectation of life, for children with we expect by the spring breeze but go to! 

Listen to geoff said they moved to the town of horry there, there have built a new house for them, and their environment to improve a lot, near the school, the school also convenient... A year later, we came to see them again, but don't know they remember us? Maanshan welfare homes to soon. One out of the car to see their new home, is very beautiful. We carry items, walked at a brisk pace, the staff lead down to see the children. First printing into eye is upstairs on the side of a line of words: fangyuan sun village. I glance down at his blue overalls and pride. The side of the road the pedestrian is also to praise eyes, they recognized the color of the company, not just our approval. 

A house is to let my surprise, the staff said they each family for about 7 people, each assigned a set of four rooms two hall house, so that the children don't have as before in a crowded room. Their living environment has improved a lot, very beneficial to health of body and mind. 

Glad to see us, the children, draw on our hands, to introduce us to their new home, their little room. They are all abandoned orphans, some have disabilities, but the kids really let people love dearly! Remember last year when some still illiterate, and now can read the name on the employee's card for us. Watching children, word carefully read the word, I know that they grew up in a little bit, like other normal children, slowly, to know the world. We hold this, hold that, the children are so cute, innocent childishness infection with every one of us. We are together play of very happy, they smile on the face, let us very gratified. When I was in the living room to play with the children, didn't mean to see have a frame on the wall, it has all of the family photos, formed a family, inscribed with "LOVE", is the LOVE of the home, let the children here have new parents. 

Time flies, it's time to go, the children to look at us, and we said goodbye to one of the little boy suddenly shout loudly 1: "bye, come again next time!" The words touched my heart deeply. I know, we have to play with them two at a time, we can only give their limited items, but these are not enough. 

Maya angelou, month, is short of a round. Maybe we do give them a little help, but it is our love, I hope they can happy, happy growth! And to give others, help others, is also a happy thing. 

Fangyuan sun village, I'll come again!