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Father of lies
Release time:2014-10-29   Hits:3512  

"Hey, son, we are all good, you don't have to worry about us, our bodies are good, your mother to go dance on the square..., it's nothing just hung up." 

This is a public service ads, a white-haired father and son on the phone said, toward the end, the narrator sound, "the father of lies, you can hear it?" Whenever see the commonweal advertisement, my eyes moist, homesick for loved ones in the northeast hometown, recall the years father said lies. 

When I was young, my father is always good to me, and he said don't like to eat. When out of school, his father want to earn extra money, is to work in the city, but when I go home to see my father, are worried about less than 50 years old, he was white hair, dark skin, hands full of callosity. Father smiled and said to me: "my boss is very kind to me, I'm not tired, just like that, do it is fine for ten years." Later, I graduated and alone came to the thousands of miles away in the south, because too far away from home, can only go back once a year, so the phone is my father and I everyday communication, the only way the phone father is always say: "what is good in the home, don't miss, if have no time, do not have to come back." But I know, when he knew I was going to go back, will be excited and could not sleep for several days, and bad to eat meal. And I want to leave, though his heart thousand so don't give up, but made himself said firmly said to me: "quick go home, don't hold up the work." 

While, his dad has more than ten years, his father's body is no longer as strong as before, and I also had my own family, have children of their own to become a father, also learn to father's tone say to my children: "dad doesn't like to eat, you eat." 

Father the content on the phone is still not changed much, he also habitual said, "is everything all right in the home, our bodies are all well, don't miss." Whenever this time, I ask myself, father of lies, you can hear it?