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Through administration,
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"Hello, this is through administration, what services do you need? Package queries please press 1, card balance inquiries please press 2, the land and intro please press 3, the artificial service please press 0." 

You didn't listen to wrong, this is in 2014 by the world hundreds of leading scientists successfully developed time through the machine, this machine has the following features: 1. You can choose to come back to you want to go to any time in the past, of course, the more long time cost is higher. 2. How long do you want to stay in this period of time is no problem, this is a one-time payment. 3. Through to the past, you can according to their own wishes to set, once after setting cannot be changed. 4. The final interpretation through the machine for all of the company. If you have any doubt, please consult: 800 - * * * * * * * *. 

This is the earth in 2014, utopia has set up a cross authority, to deal with more and more through the event, from the professor, XiangShaoLong, acura assume to the heart-pounding step by step, myth, all kinds of crossing events emerge in endlessly, of history, culture, country and so on cause the disorder greatly, especially through after the ancient, piggybacking on poetry, playing with history, but also seriously to gaping. For this kind of situation, utopia was established through administration. 

Through administration, as the name implies, is to manage through. It requires each through to register, and then by the administration to cross the person want to go to the era of; Those who want to cross, but not registered, as smuggling, by crossing the administration sent police arrest of space and time. Through the administration of the use of time through the machine is according to the multiverse theory (also known as parallel universe theory, put forward by hawking), will be through the parallel to the other.