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The Spring Festival and fruit hair
Release time:2014-10-29   Hits:3483  

January 16, 8:00, three full of fruit truck glided into general department, employees' annual Spring Festival fruit distribution to start! 

Fruit distribution of Chinese New Year as in previous years, is still the xinjiang korla fragrant pear, jiangxi gannan apple oranges and shaanxi whitewater. To do a good job in fruit distribution party-mass work shall be the responsibility of the personnel according to the civil division, point by point distribution for each department, each department according to the predetermined plan in advance organization personnel handling, really do have a clear division of responsibilities, in an orderly way, in the short more than two hours, to give to the nearly thousand of fruit department, team and individual. 

In this is worthy of praise Zhou Cuitao, He Wenbing and Ma Hongzhi armoured division staff, and the design institute of Huang Lu, Chen wu, cold and Xu Yongxing young technician, they will all kinds of fruit from the car moved down, and with flat cart transferred to the warehouse. Although the weather was cold, but you still broke out in a sweat, thanks for your support and cooperation. 

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