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In the twelfth month of the customs
Release time:2014-10-29   Hits:3625  

When I put the calendar flipped to the twelfth lunar month, the rich and interesting customs in the twelfth month was present in front of me... 

The twelfth month in my hometown, it is full of "hot" the festival atmosphere. Since I can remember, in the twelfth month, hard-working mothers would bring winter solstice marinated chicken, duck, fish, meat, one by one, strips, pieces of ground with a rope strung together, get the outdoor wind to dry. The laba, mother with bubble good beans, red dates, peanuts, sesame, glutinous rice and sugar boil into delicious laba rice porridge, let we all drink a big bowl, sisters several year disease-free painless, healthy body. 

When he saw his mother and sisters for us to prepare for four new clothes shoes, I began to choke refers to calculate every day, wish one day when the day, looking forward to the stars, look forward to the moon, looking forward to New Year's day come early. Because New Year not only can put on a long-awaited new clothes, also can eat only Chinese New Year can eat brown rice, peanuts, sugar and sesame seed candy sugar, these are now looking at ordinary food, is we the children s most delicious snacks, if you can also received dozens of Zhang Yimao one of MAO's New Year's money from elder, that should have much happy. 

Lunar street is the most lively boom, every shop shop time to supply of goods to be prepared for full, narrow the crowds in the streets of swells, on both sides of the street selling incense candle wax paper, and fireworks and all kinds of daily necessities are piled like hills, white sugar, brown sugar, big jujube, dried persimmon oil paper into triangle gift bag, top with a red note, this is local custom, necessary to go out in the first month of the New Year gift. 

Interesting is the twelfth month in lunar 24 send foci, folk have called it "off-year", nearer to herald a year end. Send foci is a township flavor is very thick ritual activities, a mother will back from the streets to buy a pack of sticky "sugar" oven and geo-thermal kang the rice crust upper bound to a lifting in the hearth, and lighting to kitchen master, let him eat sticking to teeth, "some god to play good, lower bound. Since then, crispy rice can kangs until years later, the show for the kitchen master of filial piety! 

And in the twelfth month in the streets to sell them to write Spring Festival couplets and generations also highly ornamental, Spring Festival couplets are mostly scales of shiny big carp body fat children, sitting with a "more than" year after year, "prosperous", "world peace", "world peace" means. Write Spring Festival couplets about wisdom in the mind is all some, wrinkled old man, simply put by replacing ink on the table, according to the demand of the villagers, penned inscribed targeted or humorous, Spring Festival couplets written sway shook his head, the brain, when roughly is auspicious, let a person feel better. The language of prayer, full of philosophic theory and enlightenment to the person, do not stick to, not rigid, deeply ZhongXiangQin's favour, also from time to time from street people stop to watch and comments, become a indispensable scenery, linger. 

The most traditional in the twelfth month was prepared with eight ingredients scrambled out of the eight treasure pickles, namely the food. Almost every will do this dish, take tea dry slice (fine), dried carrot, pickles, leaves no, diameter should be hand tore into thin strips), dry day lily, black fungus, pickled ginger (by hand into filaments) and soy fermented (cut into filaments), with fire and into, use cooked sesame seeds and sesame oil mix, not only to cook this dish, and pay attention to ingredients, fine workmanship, main is to making good before December 28, prosperous in the coming year, when is Chinese New Year every family from generation to generation of speciality. 

No matter how to change these ancestors to stay in the twelfth month of traditional local custom, its customs, the tastes, aftertaste, like classics, permanent, from generation to generation. 

Author: Xu Aihua