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A sword of liuyang fangyuan hydraulic - liuyang fangyuan hydraulic integrated location management style
Release time:2014-10-29   Hits:3573  

Set up time: in July 2012 
Station director: huang yong 
Station members: hui, blowing, shieber, xiao-meng hu, tang Michael, Long Xianlin, jin-jie zhang, to China 

Location of honor: good location for 2012 

Liuyang fangyuan hydraulic integrated station 9 members age under 30 years old, is a young team. Governs the drilling machine, milling machine, grinder, superfinishing and five type of work, heat treatment station belongs to the hydraulic oil cylinder parts processing processes are in the middle of the link, belongs to the key type of work, each a small error will affect the quality of the product, higher manufacturing costs of the product. Especially in heat treatment, determines the service life of the product, no strong sense of responsibility, will eventually let the enterprise the cost of "life". Because of this, station director at the beginning of its establishment in the station, is developed based on jobs, pragmatic innovation, fine management of twelve principles. After six months of efforts, the comprehensive location of leading cadres and staff's consistent affirmation won the workshop. 

Comprehensive location always pays special attention to the safety in production the priority, location according to the practical requirements of the type of work, set the type of work safety operation procedures. In order to unify the thinking... of team members, weekly meetings, station director asked everybody take turns speaking, discuss the security problems of the last week review, employees put forward rectification measures, carry on the supervision and inspection station supervisor. Today, the location of each employee in strict accordance with the safety operation procedures, before starting the machine, consciously wear protective clothing, a helmet and protective gloves. Team members also oneself start work make some simple and practical protective equipment, such as heat treatment group for iron ore easily overflow phenomenon, cohesive materials of shot blasting machine with change, using resistance to damage degrees and seal better leather cushion, greatly reduced the overflow of iron ore, also had the very big guarantee for employee safety. Location has not yet happened safety accident. 

Comprehensive location has been sticking to implement 6 s management. Good environment can affect employee mood, good mood can affect employee motivation and attitude of doing things. The management of the site, the comprehensive location has been strict with each team members. The scene of the child in accordance with the division of regional classification put, finished products, timely transferred to the next working procedure. Workstation application made some for hydraulic cylinder parts put the son of a frame. Site health zoning management, each division responsible person, before coming off work, the monitor will inspection of each area. For maintenance of the equipment, the integrated location has been a role model for each station, they combined approach is to insist on using and maintenance, station staff do merit in equipment daily maintenance (manage, use, maintenance, good) and sihui (use and maintenance, will check, troubleshooting). Because of good style of work, the comprehensive location of product qualified rate has remained at more than 98%. 

Comprehensive location always maintain the spirit of solidarity, production orders for this year has been the delivery time is tight, batch less, more new products, in order to catch up, like millers, in October and November, almost no Sunday, plus at least five days a week, but they have no complaints, has been committed. When milling machine busy but, driller to help; Drilling machine busy but, millers and becomes a driller. While going off work, often some employees to catch up, not the machine tool, didn't clean the health, is not busy other staff will come over to help clean, do not need to say, everyone regardless of each other. 

Fast until the end of the year, integrated location and puts forward the new target for yourself - creating learning location. Although there are a lot of double hand comprehensive location, skilled, but the station chief warned they: learning without end, not pride, one mountain mountain high, only by constantly learning, to bring yourself and company a win-win situation. Now, the comprehensive location is set their own learning plan, they are a team that dare to fight, in their own words: "we want to become a company of a sword."