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The chicken for a walk
Release time:2014-10-29   Hits:3585  

When I was a little boy, I very interested in animals, in the memory of childhood left many interesting things, one of the most interesting is the chicken for a walk. 

When I was in grade five uncle grandpa gave my family a little hen, adults said we'll keep it for a few days, such as New Year's day kill it boil soup to drink. 

One sunny morning, I sit on the balcony chair reading a book, it suddenly under an egg, I'm curious, shouted: "grandma! Come on, the hen laid an egg!" Grandma heard came and picked up the eggs. A whim, I could not kill hen, later my family are impending nuptials, hen had to be taken to raise up. 

One afternoon, on my right foot in the chicken tied a long rope, grandma smiled and said: "people walking the dog you walk the chicken!" So, I took the chicken afternoon tea and snacks to go out. When I pulled the chicken come downstairs, it actually runs faster than I was, I had to follow. Almost fell down, originally it saw his companion, want to play with them. Soon after all is the same, they are playing together. 

I sprinkle some rice to the clearing, fast response quickly grab to eat chicken, slow reaction still standing there. My hen Dally approached me cocked his head, and the cry of the eyes seem to be in said to me: "master, added some energy for me!" I narrow her eyes, slag took some bread, rice, with milk, coke, and drinking water for it, its wings, giggling even bandage enclave came over, his head into the "meal" big eat, auburn butt become warped up, still proudly wriggling! Its companion is very envy, envy eyes looked at it, a brave chick and "share" it up. Hen is very friendly to give up a little position, it is willing to share with partners, other chickens also stay not to live, scrambling to share a gourmet meal. 

One afternoon passed, it was getting dark, I open the hands of the lotus lamp, dragging seems haven't enjoy playing hen to go home! How lovely the hen! I like it more and more, that is funny!