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Small change in big change -- fangyuan supporting new product packaging for the customer
Release time:2014-10-29   Hits:3613  

Recently, the company's products by visiting customers I learn new packaging form to obtain consistent affirmative. Some customers said: "the new packing is the most prominent advantage in long-distance transportation of abrasion resistance and waterproof, receives the product got great improvement in the overall appearance." 

As is known to all, fangyuan bearing the company's product packaging has been very distinctive, packing belt has been with the company LOGO fangyuan slewing bearing brand on the market the most eye-catching LOGO, but the old packing tape is ordinary nylon belt, affect the product's overall appearance after long distance transport, thus when the customer receives the product, cause bad effect. 

In order to seize market, some companies to attach great importance to product packaging to some extent this influential to fangyuan's brand construction. For this company through extensive market research, product packaging for the adjustment, without change, in the overall packaging program to switch to high density nylon packing belt, which would hold the features of the company's product packaging, and maximum control the packaging cost, thereby enhancing the competitiveness of the company's products. 

As a use of fangyuan rotary bearing products more than ten years old customers said: "the small change in big change!"