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Fangyuan bearing isolation piece of promote the use of new materials
Release time:2014-10-29   Hits:3600  

With the increase of market demand, the isolation piece of raw materials procurement costs rise, greatly increased the production cost of slewing bearing products. For open source throttling, reduce costs, engineering design institute has carried out the development of the new material isolation piece of work, the comprehensive research, finally select two kinds of new materials to manufacture the isolation piece, code-named fangyuan around the 1 # and 2 #. 

New material isolation block production is completed, the company technical personnel for the pressure value detection experiments, and the experimental results and the isolation piece made by the company of average pressure and the enterprise standard is compared, the experimental conclusion is: the radius of 1 # all specifications isolation block pressure value is higher than the company currently homemade isolation piece of average pressure, and higher than the standard value, enterprise within 1 # raw material cost is less than 50% of the original materials. Therefore, fangyuan 1 # can completely replace the company currently homemade isolation block. 

Fangyuan bearing recently sent to Russia's products are used in this new material segregation, effect is good. The present new product isolation block has been used in crane and tower crane product promotion, realized the purpose of reduce the production cost.