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Chatted with opportunely, midnight leaking
Release time:2014-10-29   Hits:3558  

On the night of Nov. 27, the southern district of classics alarm charm in the process of patrol found water plant on the ground. Upon inspection, the original is the ninth across the middle of the waterproof tap is leaking. Wash the water splash to the ground, and gradually spread, formed a hollow hollow water soon. Near the packaged products not only, still have construction group of welders, cable and air switch, etc. Despite the low temperature, water bone-chilling cold, he still cold trying to close the tap. Repeatedly, leak of water does not slow down the "symptom" - seems to be leading the "strike". 

Look at the flow with a water and beam charm feel very anxious. If not handled in time, a night past, also don't know much. He quickly for the southern district of classics alarm captain on the site, just come and contact zhi-gang huang division manager. 

Through to found the fire hose is damaged, project department arranged the construction units for processing, is planning to replace tap tomorrow morning. However, only the night there are so many water leaked from the pipe. Hence two people together look again at the scene, the peripheral cables, air switch and other items one by one to move to safety, and contact the project office staff, while looking for valve shut off the water tap. Inside and out, four times back and forth, inside and outside the nook and plant and the surrounding water valve and the pit, they has tried to switch the three valves, but water is still there. 

At this point, they contacted the project department personnel, by understanding just know fire hose valve has been closed, but that has not been completely cut off the flow of the pipe. View, the "water" is not feasible, they dismissed the idea of a "close the valve, cut off water", in the damaged leading interface, even on the five fire hose, water to plant outside of the leak. 

Looked at the long fire hose like the dragon winding on the ground, using water from the plant, two people finally sigh a sigh of relief. At this time it was already half past nine at night, two hours so unknowingly passed...