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Dare to challenge setbacks, to be successful
Release time:2014-10-29   Hits:3647  

Inadvertently saw a small story: certain a youth suicide due to enter oneself for an examination failed ashamed and resentful at a big company, only to find attempted suicide. When he was in a coma, there is the good news that he has been admitted to the original is just a computer error, sent him by mistake this information, and as he was silent in the joy of time, has received the company's dismissal, the above only ten words: your LaPin, for fear of failure. Was finished, the feeling is deeper, our life often accompanied by setbacks and failures, and only dare to face setbacks and failures, to succeed. 

Setbacks and failures in life, what shall we do? Is to be recovered, ashamed and resentful of the weak or suicide do draw experience from setbacks and failures, reforming themselves, continue to struggle of the strong? And we want to succeed, the answer is definitely the latter. Defeat and failure is high mountains, deep sea, to the weak can never climb and cross, and for the strong is the precious wealth, because they can find the key to success. Historically, an example of this is not a few, qu yuan was banished and the "li SAO", sima qian by castration as shi ji, han xin the legs after the humiliation of series million-man army... ; In modern times, familiar pesticide "666" of our parents, the scientists after 666 times of tests, from 665 times learned experience setbacks and failures, but it will succeed, With polio as a child, paraplegics by zhang haidi, but by perseverance nearly 1 million words translation of foreign literary works. 

Life is not all plain sailing, and sometimes ruthless fate gave us manufacturing, set over obstacles. So many people were temporarily difficulty bending the waist, gave up the original dream and pursuit, eventually to become a man without a goal to go through life. But frustration can make people with lofty ideals and firm beliefs have honed, so brilliant achievements! As ostrovsky said: "a man's life, like flood in running, not in the islands, reefs, difficult to arouse beautiful spray".